Subject: pool invaders
Location: San Diego California 92117
April 27, 2016 4:03 pm
These abundant lil bugs showed up in our pool yesterday. What are they?
Signature: swarmed swimmer

Seed Bugs, we believe

Seed Bugs, we believe

Dear swarmed swimmer,
We are not able to provide a definitive species identification at this time, but in our opinion these are either Seed Bugs in the family Lygaeidae (see BugGuide) or Dirt Colored Seed Bugs in the family Rhyparochromidae (also see BugGuide).  There are species in both families that periodically have tremendous population explosions when conditions are right.  They look very much like the Seed Bugs that infested Burning Man that are profiled on Gizmodo.

Location: San Diego, California

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