Subject: Mole eating bug
Location: Massachusetts
April 18, 2016 3:02 pm
I found this dead mole on a trail and all of these unknown bugs were all over it. I would like to you what type of bugs these are.
Signature: Sarina B

Ridged Carrion Beetles and Margined Carrion Beetles eat Dead Mole

Ridged Carrion Beetles and Margined Carrion Beetles on Dead Mole

Dear Sarina,
At least two species of Carrion Beetles, the all black Ridged Carrion Beetle,
Oiceoptoma inequale, and the red and black Margined Carrion Beetle, Oiceoptoma noveboracense, are gathering around this dead mole.  Of the Ridged Carrion Beetle, BugGuide states:  “Adults consume fly larvae at carrion.”   Of the Margined Carrion Beetle, BugGuide states:  “Adults sometimes consume fly larvae (maggots) on carrion.”

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Location: Massachusetts

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  1. Kelly Delarosa says:

    I saw a handful of these carrion beetles in Hertel WI on a dead mouse or chipmunk . there also was one or two of the burying beetles on the carcass with the orange and black body., and another type of bug. Sandy soil, high canopy forest with oaks, and birch. dry area next to a trailer with dry dirt under., and a lot of ants. Also I saw some fluorescent green beetles. there are a lot of cats around the area providing the little beetles with plenty of food. A lot of red daddy long legs, and bumblebees.

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