Subject: Wingless soldier fly
Location: Sodwalls, NSW Australia
April 10, 2016 3:45 pm
Thank you for your reply to my query about how to add photos. Here is a photo of the bug which l finally identified as boreoides subulatus.
Signature: Elizabeth

Wingless Female Soldier Fly: Boreoides subulatus

Wingless Female Soldier Fly: Boreoides subulatus

Dear Elizabeth,
Thanks so much for submitting your high quality image of a flightless female Soldier Fly from Australia,
Boreoides subulatus.  The first time we received an image of this species, it created quite a stir in our offices. 

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Location: Sodwalls, New South Wales, Australia

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  1. Karen Wheeler says:

    Do Wingless Soldier flies sting humans?

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