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Subject: Large slender bug with wings
Location: Lake Jackson Texas
March 23, 2016 12:24 pm
Hello from the Lone Star state!stepped outside this morning & seen this bug on the wall, about 1 3/4″ long & about 1/4″ wide, have never seen one like this before , so just curious… What is this strange looking bug? Thanks in advance!
Signature: Curious Rae

Female Dobsonfly

Female Spring Fishfly

Dear Curious Rae,
This is a female Dobsonfly, and though she is considered harmless, she does have strong mandibles and carelessly handling her might result in a painful bite.  Male Dobsonflies have much more formidable looking mandibles, but they are incapable of biting.  The identification of Dobsonflies is one of our most common requests, and your submission is our first North American Dobsonfly submission this year.  Most sightings occur in late spring and early summer.

Correction:  Fishfly, NOT Dobsonfly
Thanks to a comment from Curious Girl, we realized we were too hasty in our identification.  This is in fact a female Spring Fishfly, not a female Dobsonfly.  Dobsonflies have more developed mandibles.  According to BugGuide, the female Spring Fishfly has serrate antennae while the male has pectinate or feathery antennae.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Lake Jackson, Texas

3 Responses to Female Spring Fishfly NOT Dobsonfly

  1. Curious Girl says:

    Curious how this is a Dobsonfly and not a Fishfly?

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for the correction Curious Girl.

      • Curious Girl says:

        Well, I wasn’t out to correct you but I did think the Dobsonfly girls still have some impressive jaws so I was bewildered, especially as the Fishfly is your Bug of the Month. :^)

        Was hoping to learn what I was missing, like if the Dobsonfly can close her mouth… You have far more experience at this bug ID thing than I do.

        The fishfly looks almost cuddly in comparison (definitely cute). They kind of remind me of snakeflies. That’s my input on all this. :^)

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