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Subject: A monster inside me
Location: Minneapolis
March 24, 2016 5:29 am
I have been working in my basement, in my garage and installed an egress window about 5 feet deep since July. In September am elm tree infested with insects (leaves a sticky substance on cars) fell in my backyard after a rainstorm. I cut it using chainsaw and axe. A few days after i noticed what seemed like dust particles floating in my eyes and also had noticeable bite marks /welts around my ears and eyes. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and had my house inspected by several exterminators but couldn’t find it. One was even bitten and described it exactly like i do, but couldn’t do anything without a sample. I figured out the wooly aphids were everywhere inside and outside because of the tree, but the pros assured me they can’t bite and wouldn’t do what was happening to me. After the tree fell, i had my earlobe randomly start bleeding with little brown pods embedded in it. Barely the size of grain of sand. I tried to remove them but it was too hard to get, i washed thoroughly. I felt them popping thru my skin throughout the days and began to notice sores appearing randomly over my body. Over the following months i lost 35lbs, developed sores on face, eyebrows, nose , lips and ears. Which all bled without touching them. I have taken baths and the tub looks like white confetti/cotton specs were thrown about. I would use oils and vinegars and watch this white matter exfoliate from my skin. By winter this spread all over my body, nothing like chicken pox but bumps, bruises or blotches and a new symptom. Tiny flies/dust like particles were in and on my skin. All over, not just my head. By this point I’ve been to 5 different Dr’s all saying the same thing and it’s in my head. Even though one Dr swatted at a small swarm of whatever this is. Insecticides, tea tree oils and others don’t eradicate this problem but slow down the activity a little. My joints ache, muscles are sore and I eat roughly 5000 calories/day and haven’t gained a pound back. I go tanning to try and burn off the miniscule insects embedded and also shower at least twice/day. My wife has had a few things but nothing like what I’ve experienced. I also notice gelatinous masses in my stool and photographed to show my Dr. He had a sample tested and the results were inconclusive. White floating specs also covers the surface much like in the tub but this usually comes from air bubbles rising up from the feces and/or my skin. My Dr won’t test anymore samples and despite having seen photos , samples, swatted and witnessed a subcutaneous worm extract itself. I can’t afford anymore Dr’s at this point. I can’t sleep, concentrat, experience memory loss and tasks take twice as long if not longer. I can’t begin to tell you how much pain and suffering this has caused. I just want some answers or possibilities of what is eating me alive. I can explain or answer questions if need be. Thanks
Signature: Minnesota Slims

Evidence of Monster Inside

Evidence of Monster Inside

Dear Minnesota Slims,
We empathize with your situation, but we do not have the necessary qualifications to provide you with a diagnosis.  We do have a robust network of readers who routinely comment to postings of Internal Parasites, and they appear to derive comfort from one another.

Evidence of Monster Inside

Evidence of Monster Inside

Thanks for checking, basically just wanted to know if anyone on staff was familiar with any other cases that were similar so I could do something, anything to better the quality of my life. Thanks again

Evidence of Monster Inside

Evidence of Monster Inside

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

14 Responses to Another Suspected Parasite

  1. Liz Rowell says:

    Dear Minnesota Slims might I suggest something a bit unconventional? Contact your state entomologist and see if you can set up a meeting. I took classes with one in college and he was able to help a lady whom everyone thought was crazy. Best of luck. I hope you find relief

  2. Cesar Crash says:

    The last picture looks like it can really be a damaged flea to me. Tunga penetrans seems to be a real “monster inside”.

  3. KME says:

    The second photo, the one that looks like a dragon’s head or something like that. I have seen these same things under my microscope! The same faces and eyes…exactly! I have no idea what they are. Probably a genetically engineered insect or nematode for use as a pesticide is my guess.

  4. ParaMan says:

    Hi there! I hope that you found out something about your condition by now, if no then maybe I could shine some light onto it. I studied Medical Parasitology and now I work with parasites in the medical laboratory, during my career I encountered term describing a medical condition known as Ekbom’s syndrome. After reading your post and your symptoms, this condition partially fits. Before you google it or assume that I’m wrong, just sit down and think this through (even though you might know that I’m wrong) as you need to assume everything is possible. Ekbom’s syndrome is a real medical condition in which your mind makes you believe that you are infected by parasite or something else, no shame in that, people do suffer from that and are certain that doctors and other healthcare staff are not listening to them/ignoring or even worse are in some kind of conspiracy against them.
    On your first picture, I am not sure what are you squeezing between your fingers, but it may look like Sebaceous Filaments, which is normal when you squeeze your nose or chin skin.
    Second photo, I assume that this is your stool photo. Again, small bubbles fizzing out of it may be a sign of a inflammation in your gut or something that you ate and is still fermenting. White ‘specs’ could be a mucous from your stomach or gut – as it may happen during gut inflammation.
    Your third photo, hm not sure what it is, would be helpful if you provided some description to your photos.
    If you are asking yourself that if this is just a delusion, then how come I lost so much weight etc. I do not know that, I can only speculate- I am not a doctor just a parasitologists, but maybe you should start looking in other direction than parasites… Maybe it is a virus, they do mess your body up like you described. Parasites tend to be silent invaders, unlike viruses who spread really fast and often cause more damages over shorter period of time.

    Let me know if you have any questions and good luck. I hope you will find a solution to your problem soon.

    • CleeTex says:

      Hi there… maybe you can help me. I took a skin snip from my dog before we buried her. I am pretty sure that there is evidence of neamatoades I’m the pictures that I took under my microscope. At the time of her death I could not afford to have the sample tested. Can you take a look at my photos and tell me if they appear to have some kind of nematode?

  5. Gone craze says:

    I have had the same occurances since December. I have been taking photos and videos to document since no one believes me… I even lost my job due to this thing. I have been to several doctors and dermos and they tell me i have adult acne HA! Mine actually started with my earlobe too… It was really bothering me one day and i went to look in the mirror and barely touched it and it split open with blood and a clear liquid along with the brownish things. I swear they are in my eyelashes and randomly throughout the day especially in the morning my eyes get really swollen. I have always had a perfect complexion but since this started i have huge swores on my forehead, nose and worse is on my chin. Even on my arms and legs and down the side of my torso but its mainly affected the right side of my body. My pinky toe gets huge and red and starts to leak a milky substance. The last picture looks like the stuff that comes outta nowhere from my pores and gets under my nails and literally embeds itself back under my skin, sometimes even going through my nail leaving a little tunnel like trail behind. I try to cut my nails as short as possible and they literally shatter into pieces. I have even restorwd to shaving all the hair off my body cuz i feel it oozing from the follicles. My boyfriend was not to happy about that. I have notices he and our dogs have been having symptons on a much smaller scale since we started leaving together, breaks my heart. The only thing i have come up with is some kind of mold. A few things that have provided me with temporary relief is toothpaste- literally pasted all over an infected area, dawn dish soap and spraying diluted bleach on the area while in the shower or using clorox wipes every few hours to clean so to speak the infected spots and surrounding area… So pretty much my whole body. Anything new with your case? I have figured i had just lost it since no one seems to get it… Not even the professionals. Please update if you have one and i will do the same.

  6. RaeBester says:

    Have you guys found a cure yet? I have the same symptoms. Its definitely not delusional, these things have eyes, I one of them was looking at it through a magnifying telescope eyepiece turbed upside down, which gives a very clear image – and watched the thing blink. Mine has been going on for 608 days now. At times when the things are in attack mode, i get gooseflesh, get hot, then cold. Also have the grit in eyes, its their shedded skin, I think, and/or dried larvae casings, these are extremely hard and abrasive and go click when you ru them. To add to this there are flukes in my sinuses and lungs. I wish the medical professionals would take a look. Anyone can make a mistake, doctors included, but its unforhiveable to make a mistake by not even bothering to take a look. By doctors stating that there’s no such thing as that, they are thus indicating that everything has already been discovered and documented. How stupid do you have to be to make a statement like that, I wonder what Attenborough would think of the scientific principles, or prowess, should say of a doctor (scientist) who will tell you what its not, when they don’t know what it is? It is grossly unprofessional to diagnose something incorrectly and prescribe medicine for it, all based on an improper examination. Ive been to 8 doctors and got 6 different diagnoses: 1.Delusional pariitosis, 2. Psychotic*3, 3. Bilharzia (the meds seemed to be working initially, and then boom, the 10,000 tiny ones doubled) 4, Fungal, 5. Bacteriological and 6. No diagnosis at all, because the doctor was too busy accusing me of taking their Samsung Galaxy, the same phone I had at the time. Why would I want 2? I arrived at the doctors practise in one of my very expensive cars, now how stupid do you, yet again, have to be to pull that one out of the bag? Way to go, DOC!!! Did the spots and rash and weight-loss speed her examination up, perhaps? Guys, take my advice and limit the GP’s to colds and flu. Don’t go to a GP unless you can help it. Go to a more serious doctor like a lime specialist, one who was capable of passing more than round one at varsity which is just perfect for the GP’s to satisfy their, in my opinion, the motive of a perversion being eased by undressing other peoples wives and daughters.

  7. I guess no one noticed the transparent insect behind his thumb with babies on the thumb. Geez! Look!!!! There is an insect above the Little white babies on the thumb. I’m documenting the same thing because I too am going through this. However, I noticed the same transparent insect in EVERY sore on my body. The create their nest. Eggs hatch. I itch uncontrollably for days until I try to get them off me. It’s like my skin feels swollen and mushy when I locate their nest. So I started recording every single aspect of them
    they honestly look like springtails to me. They can flatten their bodies to the thickness of a single hair. And will scratch at your skin when trying to make a nesting hole.
    I wear body powder constantly (not sure if I am enabling them or eradicating them), but it really helps my ripped flesh heal quickly.
    I have also blown so many out of my nose. They come out in a worm shaped egg that resembles snot, but it is never my mucus. It’s always a nest of these hatching. I have proof of everything that I have stated via video. I’d love for an entomology professional to take this information and solve so many problems like morgellons and parasitic physosis. This shat is real!! ???‍♀️

    • Lia Rabow says:

      Hi Dawn,

      Any progress since August? I have some similar symptoms. Also there are no photos posted – where did you find the one with a transparent insect on a man’s thumb?

      • Dawn P. says:

        I’m healing well, but not 100%. I cannot find medical help anywhere so I went to a vet. Best thing I could have ever done. They are much more knowledge of parasitic issues and I cannot express how grateful I am.

  8. Sue says:

    Thats great news! Can they prescribe meds for humans??

  9. Dawn says:

    I know they will test any possible “parasite” for you and most have told me that Drs just aren’t familiar with parasitology and come to them when no one else will help. They have much more compassion than any Dr I’ve been working with. I was finally able to find a Dr that had been in other countries that told me right away that I had a parasitic larvae in my skin and prescribed mebendazole to help. I was so elated to finally get relief.

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