What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: Mystery Green Eggs on Flowering Plum Tree
Location: St. George, UT, United States
March 3, 2016 4:49 pm
I was examining the new flowers on my flowering plum tree when I noticed these little green eggs. As you can see, they are rather easy to notice against the dark leaves of the tree. I would like to know if they are helpful or harmful, and how to get rid of them if they are bad. Thanks!
Signature: – Ami D.



Dear Ami,
Though they are quite small, the “green eggs” you observed are actually Aphids.  In addition to normal sexual reproduction, Aphids are also capable of reproducing without mating and laying eggs.  According to BugGuide:  “Over-wintering eggs hatch in the spring into wingless females. These wingless females are parthenogenetic (reproduce without fertilization) and hold eggs in their bodies to give birth to living young. Their offspring are similar to the females, but some develop wings. Near autumn male and female wingless forms are born. These mate and the females lay fertilized overwintering eggs. Males can be winged or wingless; parthenogenetic females are usually wingless. In warm climates, living young may be produced continually.”  Aphids are considered pest insects by most gardeners.  They have sucking mouthparts and they feed on fluids in plants, robbing the plant of both nutrition and moisture.  Though we don’t normally provide extermination advice, in our own garden we try to control Aphids by spraying infested plants with mild, soapy water.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: St. George, Utah

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