Subject: Black Bumblebee?
Location: Peoria AZ
March 3, 2016 6:23 pm
This guy has been hanging around our house for several days. He has no friends and just seems interested in our house. He is not aggressive and has quite a loud buzz!
Signature: Susan Miller

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee

Dear Susan,
This is a solitary Carpenter Bee, and it is a female.  Female Carpenter Bees live a relatively long time because it is labor intense for them to excavate and provision a nest.

Thank you Daniel for your prompt reply.  Should we be concerned that she may try to be nesting in our home?

According to Charles Hogue in Insects of the Los Angeles Basin:  “Carpenter bees are so named because they bore into wood, forming tunnel-like nests for the rearing of the young.  Many kinds of wood are used:  although fence posts, building timbers, and telephone poles often are attacked, the effects are seldom damaging.”


Location: Peoria, Arizona

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