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Subject: Parasite in stool
Location: USA, Egypt, Germany
March 1, 2016 12:50 pm
Hello! I’m hoping you can help me and see what this parasite is. It is white when exposed to air and dries. It is hard, almost like a twig, sometimes with a whip tail on the back and almost looks segmented but doesn’t appear to be the same as a tapeworm. Some sections of it splinters off, possibly male and female sexual productive pieces within the same worm. I’m not sure. It was found in human feces by the dozens. It can be roughly half inch long or longer. It does seem to break apart somewhat easily. I lived in Egypt for a year coming back about 7 months ago to the USA. It could have been caught at either location. Also, spent a night in Germany while traveling between. Thank you so much!
Signature: SarahD

"Worm" in Stool Sample

“Worm” in Stool Sample

Dear SarahD,
We do not have the necessary credentials to diagnose human parasites nor diseases, and we would urge you to see a professional for a diagnosis.  We cannot tell is this is an organism or if it is roughage.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

20 Responses to Possible Worm in Stool Sample

  1. robin says:

    What good are you if you cannot help anyone, AND u don’t even really try or give advice except “go to a doctor”. Don’t u think if we haven’t tried that already and got no kind of help that any of us would be writing you…I have a couple of those “twig” looking things in a bottle and NO One could help me coz they (doctors) didn’t care to try to help either. Doctors do not have much knowledge about parasites. Actually hardly anyone including CDC have much knowledge about creepy critters either. These things are all over me for almost a year and cannot find ANY help.

    • bugman says:

      Do not get angry with the editorial staff of What’s That Bug? because you have a bug up your butt and we don’t know what it is. If we are no good to you, please search elsewhere on the internet for the advice you desire. We are being honest. We do not have the necessary credentials to diagnose human parasites, diseases or mysterious things people find when passing feces.

      • Liz R says:

        You ought to be stripped of your duties, whatever they may be here at whatsthatbug.com. Not tmro or next week BUT IMMEDIATELY. It shouldn’t matter who looks to you for help or for what reason so long as the OP is genuine in their questioning as this poster is.

        You must understand that YOU WILL receive questions from concerned, frustrated and even frightened individuals. I don’t even need to finish this. You know precisely what I’m inferring.

        No matter how many times ppl turn to your website looking for information and hopeful identification of human parasites the mere fact that your website is called what’s that bug. Com, Google Analytics is going to lead many of them here there’s a fine line between a bug / insect and a human parasite all of them can fall into the worm category when somebody says specks they have been infected which does happen by the way they’re terrified they want answers and they get none. The poster is correct medical doctors unless they practice infectious disease are not trained in symptoms diagnosis and treatment of intestinal parasites. Infected people are turned away time and time again doctors are uncomfortable won’t admit they don’t know anything about it shrug it off or give you a psych test sometimes they lock you up all because they’re big fat egos won’t let them say I don’t know anything about that they didn’t train me on that in medical school. It’s a very serious situation with international travel it will only continue to expand and quickly and if they don’t start training doctors in medical school on at least the basics and if doctors won’t stop refusing to take a stool sample and test it and we’re going to be in a whole heap of trouble as a society as a nation. So don’t be rude to visitors who look to your site for answers after all that’s what you’re here to do your replies can be a little more thoughtful kinder understanding and not rude disrespectful and ignorant. When you try to make somebody else look bad it makes you look like a jerk.

        Thank you for your time.

    • Holly Dawber says:

      It looks like a species of a hair worm. There are different species, but they live in and on people. There are many on YouTube with it too. Do 10 day of Praziquantel, and 10 day Strongid paste or pills together. Then follow up with 5-10 day Albenazole, or Fenbenazole. If Drs won’t give meds, go to Tractor Supply or Horse product selling place of Horse wormers. Look online of mg/ pound to figure how much u need per dose/day. Praziquantel can make u very dizzy and stuff. So don’t drive or anything on it. It’s suppose to do that to kill parasites ok. It will dilate ur pupils too, it’s suppose to do that. Horse medicine will not hurt u at all!! I have taken it before for dewormers, just don’t do more than need ur body weight/ mg. These will also kill any other parasite inside or out u may have, and not know about ok. Trust me please, very experienced in horses and going through something similar to u. Drs, don’t know much about parasites at all or how long to treat. U might have to retreat ur self once a month till gone ok, cuz they take year to grow and u have to break egg cycle of the year ok. So do up to year or til gone before if need too, once a month ok. I hope it helps u, and I will pray for u too. Take Care, from Holly.

  2. ParaMan says:

    IT does look like a twig. Have you eaten any fruits? Berries etc? Sometimes you can eat a soft piece of twig or grass and not notice it. Go to your doctor and ask for a stool examination for OCP test just to be sure.
    good luck

  3. K. Jones says:

    I feel your frustration and everything you said I have experienced myself. There is more to this story but that is another discussion. I have been sick for 7 years and have had my fill of those who claim to know enough to be dangerous but not enough to help anyone. I would appreciate a response like “ I don’t know” but unfortunately these same scholars have opinions that don’t have any place in medicine and if all else fails you may have a referral to a mental health facility for an evaluation because parasites have been eradicated and no one can possibly have parasites if they live in the U.S. !!! Wrong, wrong, wrong! The same ignorant mindset cost a man his life after having an organ transplant in Baltimore, Md. The transplant was a success but he died from a parasite infection from a blood transfusion that was not tested for parasites!! I would say we are far from eradicating parasites and most local health dept’s. will confirm that with the many cases they continue to treat with no end in sight. So the medical community and those dealing with parasite infections have two different opinions, although one is backed up by bonified and proven cases and I couldn’t tell you what the medical community uses to support their opinion and not sure they know! I will make one suggestion only because I have seen parasites similar to the photo you provided and believe it or not it is associated with the liver fluke and they look like grass but they are actually very thin skin like material that is roiled up tightly and appears as a twig or blade of brownish grass like entity. Look up tomato skins rolled up and it will be under liver flukes. I can’t be sure but it is the only thing I can suggest because I have seen some and they are quite unique. I hope it helps and good luck to you in getting well.

    • Oh my god!this has been going on in me too for like 10 yrs but the dictors said i didnt have worms.around that time i got rhis parasite i got exposed to hepatitis c but yet indont have it.the doctor told me that my body was able to fight it off.i wonder if i have liver flukes and how did i get them.i wonder if it was from being exposed to hepatis c

  4. Madeline says:

    I just passed a similar looking “twig” please if you have an answer updates us!

  5. Sillygirl says:

    Any updates? Mine are identical!!

  6. Karly says:

    Hello! I have this same Twig like parasite in my stool, but do not have a diagnosis. Does anyone know what it is????

  7. Molly Black says:

    Oh man…I had 2 black twig like things in my stool last night.
    I should have saved it. But i didnt. I did take it out of the toilet and it seemed to break apart if I touched it.
    I was very constipated before that. Idk if that had anything to do with it. I live in the suburbs of NY and never been out of the country.

    • Mr. says:

      Any one have sinus or breathing issues aswell? Ironically this is recently common I’m here in Nevada

      • Jlene says:

        Just had the same experience.. I recall eating snow peas the other night and I remember them being reasonably twiggy and difficult to eat- my friend then told me I wasn’t supposed to eat the outer bit? Any of you eating anything similar that may cause this?

  8. Em Taylor says:

    I’ve passed something similar today…not anything I’ve eaten recently because I’m on a liquid diet. My curiosity of what it might be brought me online to find this site. I had multiple ones that look like two to three inch hay-like twigs…like horses would eat. I’ve recently been using a liver cleansing tincture, and suspect it may be related to that. I wish everyone success on finding more answers.

    Even though this site doesn’t have answers, I appreciate that it brings people together to comment if they know anything.

  9. Marissa says:

    I just had this same issue as well and found these comments. Im not sure what it is but I did read that it can possibly be due to low fiber? God I sure hope that’s it but if it is a worm I hope I can at least lose a few pounds first. Lol. Sorry,just tryin to make light of a icky and scarey situation. I truly hope it’s the fiber and all find their answers.

  10. J☆UK says:

    I live in the UK and upon finding one of these things in the toilet after doing a Duncan brought me to this site.
    I’ve recently had to take medication because I found another 1 of these things a couple of months ago and went to my doctor. He gave me a couple of tablets to get shut of worms but I found another about half hour ago which brought me to this site.
    I had a Chinese takeaway a couple of nights ago so wonder if it’s bean shuttes or something or vegetable peel maybe??
    Still no answers yet so I’ll just keep my eye on what comes out of my muddy eye after a Duncan.

  11. nicky says:

    I have been dealing with problems for years also. I have been treated many times and after treatment I pass stuff for days, when it finally comes out. I stay blocked and constipated. I pass 7, 10, 12 inches at a time. how can I upload a picture?

  12. meliodas says:

    I have had same issue, also occasional shortness of breath. https://imgur.com/a/FCSuCIi

  13. Robert says:

    I have pictures; description and appearance look same. Just received test kit.

  14. Angela says:

    Hi Everybody

    I am from Switzerland. I have been sick for the last 4 years (after working in Italy on a biological farm the summer before and Eating raw milk and unfortunately raw meat). I had the Incredible luck that I have now a very good MD caring for me. He is a specialist in parasitology. I come from Switzerland.

    Google Dr. Klinghardt: He is very famous and publishes a lot. http://drallisonhofmann.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/TownsendLetter-Parasitosis.pdf

    Read this. You have parasites as I have and it is possible to have even the larva stages after years of infection.

    I am very goal-oriented. Find someone with the permission to prescribe the whole bunch of medicines relying upon kinesiology-testing (that’t the only Thing which can Diagnose them, because after years of infection they are everywhere hiding in your Organs, but mostly not obvious or just in some frequency in your belly).

    Don’t do according to my experience and the experience of my MD:
    -Manuel therapies (because they both can spread them through your whole Body!)
    -Clark Therapie (she was a Genius in diagnosing Bugs, but her therapies have never ever helped someone to get healthy according to my MD and he has a lot of People who are infected for 10-20 years and have tried nearly everything)
    -don’t work with People who do not test if their medication can be tolerated by your vital Organs (liver, Pankreas,…), because after killing they have to be removed in short time from the Body!

    Do according to my experience:
    -Find someone who can heal by magic (I found someone and he works with my MD and me for my Health); but it must be someone really talented
    -consider heavy metals, environmental toxics and so on…most People have both (parasites and those toxics).

    That bug in the Picture could be a liver fluke. Flukes are the reason for chronic issues according to Hulda Clark. According to my experience it is true. They look like that if they die (https://www.organicolivia.com/2016/02/emotional-causes-of-illness-how-i-passed-parasites-by-letting-go-of-anger/ ). But 95% of MD and most of the ND are not going to take you serious if you tell them. They laugh About that and offer some psycho-pharmaceuticals. Just leave if you meet them.

    I wish you the best

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