Subject: Moth or skipper
Location: East Java, Indonesia
February 15, 2016 3:18 am
When I photographed this moth in Java, Indonesia I was surten that it is a moth. Later on my computer I see that the antennas look like antennas from a butterfly … A moth normaly has no knots at the end I was always teached.
The red eyes are for animals who live at night so I am confused in this case …
Question is, moth or skipper … It’s name would be nice but I realise that would be to difficult with so less details.
Hope to hear answer about this question …
Signature: Sandra Brennand (NL)


Coconut Skipper

Dear Sandra,
This is definitely a Skipper in the family Hesperiidae and not a moth.  Exact species identification may be difficult.

Location: East Java, Indonesia

3 Responses to Coconut Skipper from Indonesia

  1. Thank you for clearing my doubts … 🙂

  2. I just received a name of this Skipper, it is Coconut Skipper (Hidari irava)

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