Subject: Wtf?
Location: West Virginia
February 9, 2016 12:13 am
I found him on my work shirt (which i leave in my locker) hours after being at work. Im freaked out.
Signature: Brooke

Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Dear Brooke,
You are lucky you left it at work.  This is a Bed Bug.  You should carefully check your belongings in the future before heading home.

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Location: West Virginia

3 Responses to Bed Bug

  1. hanerykroze says:

    Dear Brooke,
    You have to check more Bed Bugs in your surroundings.They are very dangerous pests.So if you want to get rid of pest like Bud Bugs,you can call to Texoma Pest Managment,Wichita Falls,TX. They have the experience, equipment, and expertise necessary to eliminate pests.

  2. Jaytez says:

    I bought a bed when i first came home from prison. Three weeks later i started feeling like bumps i thought were mosito bites. Inspected the bed and found a bed bug. I went to home depot and got some bug spray for bed bugs it didnt work. I then got different spray and a guy told me he was going through the something and he was told to mix bug spray with 91% rubbing alcohol. I did the bites stop for two days and started back. Why can i get rid of these pests i pulled the carpet and tossed the bed and bought another one and i still get bit usaully on my feet and arms.

    • bugman says:

      Bed Bugs frequently hide under pictures hung on the wall or between the baseboard and the wall. They emerge at night to feed.

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