Large Milkweed Bug Nymphs

Subject: Fat orange juvenile(?) insect. Location: Walnut Creek CA open space near pond. February 29, 2016 7:06 pm I found the group of orange insects with black spots near water last August, in the Walnut Creek Open Space, California. Later I found an earlier picture of a what must be a close relative of this … Read more

Bug of the Month March 2016: Bed Bug

Ed. Note:  April 11, 2016 Bed Bug identification queries have increased greatly in the past five years, and though most of those have turned out to be Carpet Beetles or other Household Pests, actual Bed Bug sightings have also greatly increased, prompting us to add Bed Bugs to our Top 10 tag. Subject: Tick? Location: … Read more

Cloudless Sulphur Caterpillar

Subject:  Cloudless Sulphur Caterpillar in Mount Washington Location:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California February 28, 2016 We were shocked to see this bright yellow caterpillar meandering across the patio.  We immediately recognized a Cloudless Sulphur Caterpillar, Phoebis sennae, but we do not have any Cassia growing anywhere near.  Where did it come from?  We checked … Read more

Stink Bug

Subject: Bedbug or no? Location: Orlando February 27, 2016 8:50 am There’s debate on if this is a bedbug? Location is Central Florida it is 60 degrees out and it was found in my girlfriends hair this morning. There is debate on if it’s a bedbug. Signature: Bedbug Boogyman Dear Bedbug Boogyman, You are going … Read more

Flower Chafer from Zimbabwe: Dicranorrhina derbyana

Subject: Green beetle identification Location: Zimbabwe February 27, 2016 6:27 am Hi there, I found an interesting bug that looks similar to the fruit chafer in Harare Zimbabwe. I was wider ing if I could send you a picture for identification? Kind regards gordon Signature: Gordon Dear Gordon, While your individual shares many characteristics with … Read more