Subject: Spider identification.
Location: Burriville, RI
January 10, 2016 5:34 pm
Dear Bugman,
I am curious if you can identify this particular spider. Usually the biggest spider we get around here are wolf spiders but this one is larger and has a different coloration. This was taken in the spring and I found it under my car while washing it. I was able to get close so that tells me it doesn’t scare easy.
Signature: John

Fishing Spider

Fishing Spider

Dear John,
This is a Fishing Spider in the genus
Dolomedes, and we believe it is most likely Dolomedes tenebrosus which you can verify by comparing your individual to this BugGuide image.  Fishing Spiders are quite large and most species are found not far from fresh water.

Wow thank you very much! That makes a lot of sense, because I live pretty close to the town reservoir. I see now you’ve addressed this spider a few times before, my apologies my phone didn’t load the site properly at the time. Again thank you for your time.

There is no need to apologize.  We like being able to post new content to our site daily.  We also like having multiple examples of the same species as that helps in future identifications as well as acting as a species range indication.  Your posting did get 11 likes from our readers in just three days.

Location: Burriville, Rhode Island

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