Subject: Black egg looks like seed
Location: Yardley, PA
January 14, 2016 12:10 pm
Today I found a pile of these black eggs nestling in the folds of a clean but not recently used bathmat. The cold weather just hit this last week but up until the first week of Jan 2016 it has been an unusually mild winter. The eggs look like seeds but they cannot be seeds as there have been no plants upstairs in this second floor bathroom. The mat has been sitting under the sink on this tiled bathroom floor for 1 to 4 months. We live in an old farmhouse and wear layers as we prefer to heat the house in zones and only during our active hours.
Can you help me identify these eggs so I can address this potential infestation appropriately? We don’t like chemical bug sprays so I’m crossing my fingers that these pasts will be relatively easy to expunge!
Signature: Devon

Poke Weed Seeds comprise Rodent's Stash

Pokeweed Seeds comprise Rodent’s Stash

Dear Devon,
We received several requests some time back with a similar situation and we surmised that the piles were a Rodent’s stash.  Later we identified the seeds as Pokeweed Seeds and we still maintain that a resourceful rodent created a stash of seeds to use as food during the cold winter months.

Daniel you are fabulous! I’m pulling out my stash of unused mouse traps and suspect that the field mice I am catching downstairs have decided to migrate upwards. My intention is to send them heavenward!
Bless you,

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Location: Yardley, Pennsylvania

5 Responses to Black Seeds found in Home probably Rodent’s Stash

  1. Tori says:

    I have found these as well in a drawer of unused linens and underneath a dresser after the house had been vacant. The first time I found then there were mouse droppings and nests near by. This last time. Not one single dropping was anywhere to be seen where they were found. And are there Pokeweeds I. California?

  2. Michael says:

    Looks like dried out black slime mold spores to me. Especially since your carpet was sitting under the sink for months. Raw pokeweed is toxic to mammals, and I presume the seeds would be as well.

  3. Ashley says:

    I just found these in my Christmas boxes that were stored for the year in an old weatherproofed workshop In southern coastal Massachusetts. One piled in the middle of a card board box under Xmas decor and another piled inside of a tiny decorative Xmas basket , also in a card board box.There was no feces in any of the boxes , but did find a small nest in an old box in the same building I’m thankful it’s not giant piles of poo !! But will certainly be placing some traps in and around the building.

  4. Niki says:

    I have found them while cleaning out the attic. They were in boxes that have been there several years. I haven’t found any in the basement where I usually catch a mouse or two each year. I haven’t caught mice in the attic. This is in S. Central PA.

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