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Subject: lyme disease coinfection…
Location: Ontario
December 31, 2015 10:04 pm
After I ate I pulled this out of my mouth. It curled up & has a hook thing on the end. Please let me know if you know its origin/how to treat me (and my father) these come out of our mouthes, nose. We also have white bumps that grow & you can pull fibres or chunks of something…sometimes flat and one end is smaller. I have sores on my face and neck scalp arms legs and chest.
Signature: sincerely stressed out and clueless

Possible Parasite

Possible Parasite

Dear sincerely stressed out and clueless,
We are unable to identify the thing you pulled out of your mouth, but it looks remarkably like a thing someone found on the body while showering.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to provide you with some information.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Ontario, Canada

19 Responses to Another Possible Parasite

  1. Kathleen says:

    I have the exact same bug and symptoms!
    Any ideas,…Anyone?
    I am in Northern California.

  2. Lisa says:

    Me too + more amy ideas

  3. craig says:

    me to,,, suuuuuucks

  4. Suffering silently says:

    I’ve had the same exact things as well!! I also have lint bugs that I found all over my clothes bedding, everything! I have pulled larvae looking things from my skin, nose and treated my hair when all this started for what I thought was lice and had a larvae come out of my scalp. I have so many bugs saved it’s unreal. I also have tiny black dot “things” that I find everywhere and they burrow into my skin. My food gets contaminated by the blacks dot things and they jump also. I have watched the lint bugs crawl before. I have read do much on it and “morgellons ” pops up a lot. Boy was I scared after reading that! I’m not sure if the back dot looking things are mites or not, but they def feed on me since they burrow in my skin and I have to dog them out. I’m not sure the stages of growth on whatever this stuff is? But it takes over whatever it can get into because I’ve watched stuff in my house that it’s gotten in and it takes the usual shape of curling up like you explained and a rigid like texture to it even if the original surface was smooth. It does it to my snot when I get them out of my nose and ear wax too. I squeeze out larvae too and it’s a horrible feeling knowing they’re in me!! If anyone else knows anything about this please share!

    • ShelbyvilleDickenson@gmail.com says:

      I started to get those exact same symptoms just this year. Do yours like down
      feathers? I have a really big sore on the back of my head that acts like a leach. Its eggs are on the the length of my hair and look like white hairs…..it all just gets stranger and stranger ..People are annoyed with my need to solve this crazy ordeal.

    • Pam says:

      Omg. I thought I wrote that. You just described my life. They, the bug like things, are in my hair also. Plz tell me how to get rid of these.

    • I have the exact same thing. I HOPE u read this and have an answer for me, sincerely Sarah. phyatcall81@yahoo.com

  5. Mari says:

    Could it be carpet/clothes or even furniture beetles larvae??? Along with a mite??? My kids and I all are experiencing things. And it is affecting our breathing SOO BAD.. I spent months digging in my skin cause I SWORE SOMETHING was biting me but never seen a bug but thin white thingy will come out.. at times there’ll be tiny egg looking white thingies… worst is my sister in law and her kids got sick with all these symptoms. First.. her furniture began getting weird holes with material sticking out greatly kinda like your hair will she has weird specks of something on her walls.. now she has a dog and guinea pig.. we have no pets… whatever it is .. doctors for some reason are turning their backs on a problem that personally I feel it’s gOna kill me.. . and it better not further more harm my kids cause omg grrrrr.
    Bulging veins
    Ears have gotten HUGE
    constant runny / stuffed nose
    Like paper cut bites or ones with white tiny ball
    Hair will turn white you feel like u have lice but nothing is thrrr
    Itchy feet
    Neck swelling
    All bedding has like cigarette burnt holes clothes.. I have found larvae in dressers they can be hard to spot.. but I have found on wood floor white ones they don’t move at first… and white hairy ones and brown hairs looking.. I also have spotted moths and I believe springtails… there’s been times good food seems to spoil before my eyes or sudden looks like bugs… if I’m up cleaning for more than a cple hours my breathing becomes soo bad… ppl where I live have seen the bugs but prefer to make excuses. Or tried to make me feel psychotic.. even thou some are experiencing same thing..

    • Christine says:

      Hi Mari,
      Are you guys ok ? Do you still have problems? Are you better? Worse?

    • Jennifer says:

      Omg that is EXACTLY what I’m dealing with, down to the holes in furniture ALL THE SAME SHAPES! DID YOU SOLVE THIS? I may have answers call me orbtext 6362790566

  6. Betty Irwin says:

    Someone help us
    Also have
    Red white worm and tiny white moth

  7. Christine says:

    Carpet beetles and carpet beetle larvae. Vacuumed my moms house with our vacuum and got carpet beetles from her house. They came out if the vacuum. 2 years later we are still battling these killers and their larva. They are in our hair, nose, ears, eyes, skin etc. it’s so overwhelming I too feel they could kill us. I now have 2 broken ankles of unknown cause. And they eat dead carcasses? They are eating us alive!!! They are also in my stool!!! Can anyone help? Doctors do not believe me.

  8. Aimslice says:

    Beetle pupae or shell casing?

  9. Morgellons says:

    I’m in Ohio I also have this issue but also these little dust particulates have like dead bugs attached to them and then they latch onto your skin I think they are nanofibers which connect to each other and to your brain inside your body that’s how they’re doing this hivemind Society and it has to do with gang stalking does anybody else get gang stalked? We are not a part of their upper class from this they can read our minds this is part of MKUltra I believe but these Nano fibers attach to your skin pulling the dead bug into the skin which it like becomes embedded and part of the top layer of skin it’s insane that’s how they manipulate or destroy our DNA and slowly kill us or this is a vessle to also drug us and how they are feeding themselves are we all white? Secret societies Illuminati Etc are behind this I get gang stalked I’m a targeted individual

  10. Alicia VanMeter says:

    It’s Carpet Beetles. We have been dealing with the same things . Called Terminix and paid a fortune for them to treat for bedbugs because I thought someone had brought them into my home . The treatment done no good at all and 10 days later they came back again and the guy said they never saw any signs at all of bed bugs and that he thought I had carpet beetles , which I had never heard of before. He asked if I’d seen any bugs at all and I told him yes two different kinds . A black one with white across the middle of its back and a multi colored one. He said definite carpet beetles and they LOVE the oil in hair and the salt on skin. My fiancé got such a bad rash on both sides of his lower back under arms and on the back of his right knee. It actually got so bad we left and got a hotel room for awhile and let Terminix treat for the fourth time . Stayed out of house two more days then came home and breathed such a sigh of relief and happiness that I finally felt comfortable in my house again. That lasted twelve days . They started again day before yesterday. I searched and searched for a nest and found them between the counter top and wall, all along the bottom trim of the fridge, behind the back splash all along two kitchen walls and under the trim on the bottom floor cabinets. The nest is disgusting . Slimy and gross. Terminix is coming back for the 5th time this coming Monday. IF it doesn’t do any better than it did this time we are moving because I cannot live life this way. Home doesn’t have that secure safe and comforting feeling anymore . It’s more like a nightmare. I’ve tried everything to get rid of them . Exterminator . Every type of bug killer sold in stores. NOTHING HELPS . The fourth time the big guy came out was the ONLY time there was any relief at all and that lasted only about twelve days . That’s all it takes for new ones. 7-12 days and the problem starts all freaking over again. They get in your mouth by being on your face or your hair and omg when that happens your tongue swells slightly and gets real red and you can clearly see the welts it caused by being on the tongue. They make the sides of the nose red and raw because they like it there because of facial hair there . Lips on both sides get the same way. Brand new couch only 7 months old is slowly being absolutely destroyed and I refuse to even set on it anymore. You can wash your clothes but doesn’t much good because the larvae will for sure find a way to get to it so I wash what I’m wearing that day in the hottest water possible then dry them twice on high. They LOVE lint so around the dryer or where ever lint can get they will be. The worst thing is if you have pets because they fear on cats and dogs. Our cat was losing his hair in gobs. Found out from Terminix that the worst thing I could do is let my cat back in the house. They fly,jump and when you frighten them or make them feel threatened they will freeze. They will pull their legs in to hide them and that just makes them even harder to see. I honestly would rather have bed bugs because they are easier to get rid of. Hope your moms feels better soon. Love and miss you all

  11. Aimslice says:

    Aha! Thank you for that information Alicia!

  12. Janet PowellCreitz says:

    I too am dealing with same issues. Dr’s think were nuts. I have pics from each place I’ve been because those black or white shaped things are EVERYWHERE I’ve been researching hard every day for the last year or longer. Went to hospital back in 2013 for possible worms. They said I didnt have. Since then I’ve been to the hospital at least twice a yr. Tired of it. White lint ball are cotton parasites. I believe we all have tapeworm and mabye a few others.

  13. Tigerlilly says:

    Bathe nightly in watm bath with 3 cups of baking soda. Soak for 30 minutes. Submerge scalp for 5 minutes. Rinse off and dry off then Use 2 tbs baking soda in 12 oz water bottle and pour onto hair. Let dry. Dont rinse out. The itching will subside and the parasites will leave your body and scalp.

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