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Subject: Whats this bug?
Location: 26.036731ºS, 27.698263ºE
January 12, 2016 3:13 am
I’m from South Africa and often see this wasp-like bug this time of year, mostly in the shady part of the garden.
I can, however, not seem to find out what it is and would appreciate you assistance.
Thank you
Signature: Garfield Krige

Mason Wasp

Mason Wasp

Dear Garfield,
This identification proved a bit challenging for us, but we believe we have correctly identified your wasp as
Synagris mirabilis on iSpot.  It is called a Paper Wasp on Nature’s World of Wonder, but North American Paper Wasps are in the subfamily Polistinae, and your individual is in the subfamily Eumeninae, the Potter and Mason Wasps, so we are referring to your individual by the common name Mason Wasp.

Dear DAniel,
MANY thanks for your quick response – we really appreciate it. And what an interesting insect it turned out to be! I (I am Garfield’s wife) do a monthly info letter as we live in the Cradle of Humankind – which is a UNESCO world heritage site, and I try and get people more interested and aware of conservation, plants, insects and animals on our Estate and in the area.
Insects fascinate me, so in one of my letters I have written on the Rhino bug and once on the praying mantis etc. etc. I can’t ever write too much as not everyone wants to read long letters (people are lazy!) and so I try to keep it short-ish!
When we moved out here (it is outside of town) we noticed how many interesting species of plants (some rare) and other forms of life we have and so I decided in stead of looking things up and keep some sort of record just for us, I wanted to share with the people on our Estate as well. So I first started the monthly letter and a couple of months later the website. The website (juuuust in case you feel like having a sneak peek!) is www.sterkfonteincountryestates.org.za and all the letters are under Downloads. It is a big job, I have to read up a lot (I am no scientist) and double check things and so on.
Anyway, enough of me, thanks for a great and interesting website, you really helped us out and now I can write in the Feb issue of my letter about this wasp!
Kind regards,
Elmarie Krige

Thanks for the response and link Elmarie.  I did a quick peek at your site and I checked out the Invasive Plant Species page.  I am about to head to our local Moon Canyon Park to remove invasive Castor Beans.  Invasive species are a tremendous problem in open spaces that are designed to preserve local flora and fauna.

Over here we have the DREADED Pop Pom weed which is a HUUUUGE problem in South Africa. It takes over valuable land and is extremely difficult to get rid of. Not much done from givernment side…things are sliding, what can one say. Anyway be sure to have a free stay with us should you ever wish to visit South Africa! We could show you lots of interesting things in just area alone.
Kind regards,

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: South Africa

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