Subject: Is this a Spider?
Location: Uniondale, South Africa
January 12, 2016 12:54 am
Hi there.
I saw this little guy just outside Uniondale, South Africa.
He was running quite fast and taking a picture was a difficult task.
As you can see from one of the pictures it isn’t a very big insect.
It has 8 legs and the back legs each had a hairy puffy section on it and what looked like “feather-like” fan right at the end of it.
When my friend picked it up the wind actually swept it away quite easliy so maybe that is the function of the back legs looking like that.
I hope you can help me in identifying it.
Signature: Dante Beyers

Harvestman, we believe


Dear Dante,
This is not a spider, and we believe because of the structure of the body, that it is a Harvestman in the order Opiliones, but try as we might, we cannot find any matching images online that include tufted back legs.  Even iSpot does not have any similar looking Harvestmen.  Perhaps one of our readers will assist us in finding a matching image.

Harvestman, we believe


Correction:  Mite not a Harvestman
Thanks to Christopher who provided a link to a Turkish posting of a Mite,
Eatoniana plumipes, we have to retract our original guess.  The Ohio State University site does place the species in South Africa.

Location: Uniondale, South Africa

3 Responses to Mite from South Africa: Eatoniana plumipes

  1. Now this one I can answer a bit more confidently. This is not a harvestman, but a predatory mite of the genus Eatoniana (family Erythraeidae). This page has some photos of a similar species from Turkey.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for discovering this link for us. We will change the posting accordingly and search iSpot for matches in South Africa.

  2. Danté says:

    Thank you very much guys!

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