Subject: Scary looking
Location: South Western PA
January 10, 2016 1:18 am
found this in my dining room today. Looked like it was covered in sand or something. Exterminated for lack of knowledge of it. What is it?
Signature: -PA Matt

Masked Hunter

Masked Hunter

Dear PA Matt,
Though it is highly likely that a Masked Hunter like the one you found might bite if it is carelessly handled, it is nonetheless considered to be a beneficial predator.  Masked Hunters are frequently found in the home, and the common name is due to the fact that the sticky exoskeleton causes debris to stick, effectively masking the insect and helping it to blend in among its surroundings.  Another common name is Masked Bed Bug Hunter, and this predator has no problem feeding on Bed Bugs and other unwanted household pests.  Hopefully that information will cause you to be more tolerant in the future.

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Location: Pennsylvania

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  1. Ahhhh that bug says:

    So I just sent a question *more for advice* about carpet beetle and I saw one like this on the couch as well.. My husband’s saw one somewhere in my mom’s house made me look and it was throwing dirt on its back is this capable of that ahhhh

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