Subject: Bugs from Christmas tree
Location: NJ
January 8, 2016 8:46 am
After one month of a Christmas tree in our Sun room, hundred or so if these bugs started crawling all over. When squished, they squirt a deep red almost brown color. Not sure if they are nymph stage or what?
Signature: Cookie2896

Giant Conifer Aphid

Giant Conifer Aphid

Dear Cookie,
Live Christmas Trees are notorious for introducing insects to the home.  Your critters are Giant Conifer Aphids, and we have gotten numerous reports this year alone of Giant Conifer Aphids indoors.  Live Christmas Trees eventually begin to dry out, and as the food supply for these sap sucking insects diminishes, they set out in search of other conifers, which they are not very likely to find in the home.  Other than being a nuisance, they will not harm you, your pets or your home.

Thank you so much for your expeditious response. Glad to know they are not harmful, but that was probably our last live tree. Will resort to artificial in the future. Too bad because it really smelled nice! 🙂

Location: new Jersey

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