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Subject: A bug came out of my nose!!!
Location: Southern California
December 18, 2015 9:39 am
I blew my nose and this little tiny bug ant size probably smaller came out of my nose! Its winter time and its crazy cold in southern Cali nothing normal about this cold weather in 2015 . I have a window open next to my bed but there is a screen. This happened when I woke up.
Signature: Bugs in my nose

Carpet Beetle Larva, perhaps

Carpet Beetle Larva, perhaps

This looks to us like a Carpet Beetle Larva from the genus Anthrenus, though it seems to be lacking hair.  That may be the result of being blown out of your nose.  Though Carpet Beetle Larvae are a common household pest, we cannot fathom why it was in your nose.  Perhaps you just inhaled it while sleeping.  Carpet Beetle Larvae are often found in beds.  See this BugGuide image for comparison.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: southern California

4 Responses to Carpet Beetle Larva comes out of Nose!!!

  1. Cherri says:

    I have them in my nose , hair, everywhere & found a LOT in my house! I’m researching ALL I can to find help and answers. There is not a lot online about people being infested with them, but if it happened to you, you would be searching as much as me! I have found cases where they were documented by medical professionals to have been in the live intestines, ears, and also dead human bodies.I found that they had been eating turkeys LIVE! I could go on, but everything eventually evolves, especially bugs! These bugs are being sold by the hundreds to anyone who wants them. The ones born in the wild may not be such a problem for the most part, but the ones that are fed meat, skin, tendons, & hair their entire lives are much more likely to evolve into predatory type beetles. Oftentimes they are simply released into nature when no longer needed. Now, if they’ve been fed their whole lives, they’ve been warm, given water, bedding, etc.. and now they are loose & hungry, what would the natural thing to do be? Find food and shelter. What is food to these bugs raised in such a way? Meat, skin, hair, etc.. dog, cat, dead rat, dead Joe, or LIVE Joe! It makes so much sense to me that I cannot understand why doctors will not even consider that such a flesh eating bug would, surprise! … EVOLVE! I realize you may not add my comment, to most it would sound crazy & scary, trust me when I say, IT IS! That doesn’t make it any less true! If only I could find someone that would help me, so many lives could be changed, saved, & truly healed! Like the revelation of the bot fly maggot or the scabies bug, knowledge can be revolutionary and miraculous! I believe that most people that think they have morgellons actually have black carpet beetles. I also believe that they produce bacteria that make the problem of infestation even worse by causing infections . I myself had a staff infection that I think came from them, but at least came from the itching & scratching because of them. I lost over 30lbs before I realized that they could’ve also given me another parasite. I treated for worms & found tape worms in my stools. After treating that ( successfully I hope) I went from being under 100lbs to gaining about half of the 30lbs back. This is a very long story & has been one of the worst things me & my family have ever gone through! I have 2 aunts, an uncle, my mom, and my daughter who all have similar symptoms. I also had 2 sons that had it, but caught it early in them and we’re able to treat it successfully with ivermectin and lotion with colloidal silver & lotion with tea tree oil. As I write this, the other 6 of us have had it for over a year. August was a year & it’s now December. I only wrote all that in the hopes that there are others willing to also testify about human beetle infestation, that some may come to look more closely and realize this is the cause of their own or another’s (family, friend, patient) infestation, to find a medical professional willing to help, & most importantly to bring awareness if possible! May God have mercy! Idk if I’m allowed to leave my email address or not, but if so & there is someone that would like to share their beetle infestation story with me or someone that is a medical or scientific doctor/entomologist that would be willing to help get rid of and/or prove this horrible infestation, then PLEASE email me cherrilu1978@yahoo.com

    • Linda Luker says:

      My name is Linda Luker and I am experiencing this and have had it since June of last year. I would love to talk to you about it, I have no hair left, and the doctors say that they don’t see anything but they don’t even look. My number is 817-812-4433

  2. Reek says:

    I too have this problem, I can’t sleep because they fly into my mouth. In my hair, I swallow them just by breathing they even cause bleeding and bumps on my tongue. I’ve tried every remedy I can think of. We’ve had a professional to spray our home. Essential oils, and candles also. They are miniature monsters that we’ll have to the end of this system of things. I wonder why God made such destructive creatures. They eat everything. I wish sometimes I could just die. I haven’t been the same since we’ve had them. I was told that be careful of what we buy, especially grains. You can introduce them into your home. One store to watch is Walmart. I purchased Kale full of carpenter beetles, tea bags and have seen them on their clothes in store. Believe me I have become so familiar with these beast, I sometimes feel I have become one. I’m allergic to them they make my throat swell. I don’t think we can get rid of them because they constantly make new members. Throw your clothes away. Bombing helps a little, but if you have a mate that is bent on saving their old clothes because they aren’t allergic to them, and are left in the stone age with thirty yr old carpet they finally decided to remove you are doomed like me. Eventually they will eat the remains of their clothes. Please pray for me as I will continue to suffer, I’ll do the same.

  3. Cynthia Kemp says:

    I too live with this nightmare. I moved into an apartment the end of Feb. 2018. Six to 8 weeks later I start seeing signs of them. Apartment manager will not help. They are spreading. They are in my hair, my nose and intestines. I am also allergic to them. I have been told by someone who worked with an exterminator you have to shave your head if they are in your hair. You need to do this and leave ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS BEHIND!

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