Subject: Walk Through Natural Area Turns Up Interesting Critters
Location: Juno Beach, Florida
December 2, 2015 12:06 pm
Hello Whats That Bug!
Love your site – use it all the time to identify the small creepy crawlies we find on Palm Beach County natural areas. Usually I can successfully find the critters name while looking through the photos on your web site. I am having a bit of trouble with a pesky caterpillar which defies identification. It was found at Juno Dunes Natural Area in Juno Beach, Florida. There were several on the same plant. Any help in naming this guy (I’m calling him Harry for now) will be appreciated. I am also including two other photos taken during my walk through Juno Dunes Natural Area – one of a Carolina mantid (didn’t see wings, so I’m assuming it is a juvenile) and a lynx spider (I assume it is a green lynx, but it doesn’t look quite right). Thanks for all you do to ensure the proper identification of insects and arachnids!
Signature: Ann Mathews

Green Lynx Spider

Green Lynx Spider

Dear Ann,
Your image of a Green Lynx Spider is positively gorgeous, and because we do not need to do any research, we can post it immediately.  Your other requests will require a bit or more of research, and we are postponing that until later.  Additionally, because your three attached images represent three unrelated groups of Arthropods, we will be creating three separate postings.

Thanks for replying so quickly. Okay, so I at least had the green lynx spider identified correctly. I guess the mantid may be an exotic Chinese mantis – I was looking up pictures of them at the same time and thought there might be a possibility that the mantid in my picture was an exotic. And for now, the caterpillar’s name will remain “Harry” until further notice. I appreciate all your help – What’s That Bug has made updating our natural area wildlife listings much easier!
Ann Mathews

Location: Juno Beach, Florida

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