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Subject: What is this thing??
Location: South Florida
November 23, 2015 7:55 am
Please help me figure out what type of bug this is. I’m assuming it’s in larval stage. The ants that have taken over my home were attacking them while they crawled out of the bottom of a dusty closet and I want to make sure I’m not providing an environment for them to thrive or whatever they do.
Signature: Freaked out in Florida



Dear Freaked out in Florida,
This looks like a Fly Maggot to us.  Maggots often wriggle away from where they are feeding to find a drier location to undergo pupation.  Maggots often feed on putrifying organic material.  People often find Maggots when they forget to take out the garbage or if some food is left rotting, forgotten in the home.  Maggots will also feed on dead animals and it is possible that something died in the walls.

Thank you! I have never seen them at this stage before and was totally freaked out but I didn’t want to kill them until I knew what they were. However, after I asked you I did discover that indeed something had died in the crawlspace so at that point I knew what they were and the maggots were dropping out of a crack from the crawlspace to the closet. Seriously disturbing…I love most bugs, spiders in particular, but these guys turned me into a huge wimp! Thank you so much for your timely response!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Florida

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