Subject: Tint Thai bug
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
November 21, 2015 7:06 pm
Hello! Thanks for your This very small creature just landed on me in Bangkok, Thailand in late November sitting 18 floors above a river.
It has a very long abdomen but no wings, appears to have 6 legs, the front pair look raptorial, it’s head and thorax are strange shapes, small antennas
I can’t seem to find any other images of it online. Do you all have any idea?
Image 1 is an extreme close up, image 2 shows it in reference next to a citruis peel, waving at you, and image 3 is pulled back so you can see just how small it is in size reference on my breakfast plate, in the center 🙂
Thanks so much for your work!
Signature: Kristen

Possibly Thrips

Possibly Thrips

Dear Kristen,
We are not certain exactly what you observed, but we want to commend you on providing both a close-up view and a nice image showing the scale of this tiny insect.  We believe it may be a species of Thrips based on images of North American species from the order Thysanoptera posted to BugGuide where they are described as:  “Some are wingless; where present, the wings are narrow with few or no veins and fringed with long hairs. Mouthparts asymmetrical (no right mandible), suitable for piercing and sucking. Antennae relatively short, 4- to 9-segmented; tarsi 1-2-segmented, with 1-2 claws and are bladder-like at the end.”  Since we are not certain, we will contact Eric Eaton for confirmation.

Possibly Thrips

Possibly Thrips

Definitely a thrips.  What a weirdo!
author, Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

6 Responses to Thrips from Thailand

  1. It is a thrips of the family Phlaeothripidae; subfamily Idolothripinae.
    Identification of genus or species is not possible on photos but requires microscopic examination.
    It is certainly not a species of Gynaikothrips which belongs to the subfamily Phlaeothripinae.
    See also: and

  2. Stephen Thorpe says:

    Genus Mecynothrips, see doi: 10.1080/00222937100770211

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