Subject: 3 Namibian Insects
Location: Namibia
November 18, 2015 9:44 am
But of course Daniel.
The small beetle-like insect was walking on the sandy-dusty ground of the Anderson Campsite at Waterberg/Namibia. The ground colour was black and the body was all covered with sand. My idea is, that this “shabby” appearance is perhaps a way to camouflage itself.
After the research I did today, I now think it could be a Mouldy Beetle (Eurychora sp). In the video I made, it sure looks like it. I´ve put my video (20.6 MB) and a pic from the web on my google-drive-account, you can watch it in the link if you like:
That´s all I know until now to image 3, hope it helps.
Thanks again,
bye, Becky, Munich-Germany

Camouflaged Insect

Camouflaged Insect

Thanks for the additional information Becky.  The segmented antennae are a very good indication this is a beetle.  At first glance we thought it was a True Bug, but the antennae structure overrules that.  We found some images of Mouldy Beetles on Margy Green Coleoptera and we believe you have correctly identified this critter.  Images on iSpot and  Africa Wild are also a very good visual match to your image.

Location: Waterberg, Namibia

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