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Subject: Stick Insect Identification
Location: Yavapai County
November 9, 2015 6:13 pm
Good afternoon,
I found a beautiful walking stick (4 inches head to tail) this morning in Skull Valley, Arizona. This is in Yavapai County and is considered high desert. I’ve done quite a bit of online research to find an identification, but have come up without any real answers. Closest I could guess is that it is a Northern Walking Stick, but the antennae are very long (about 1.5 inches). The insect is a grey color and has really unique banding on its legs. Please let me know what you think this critter is! Thank you!
Signature: Tiffany Johnson

Arizona Walkingstick

Female Arizona Walkingstick

Dear Tiffany,
We believe, after browsing through images on BugGuide, that we have identified your individual as an Arizona Walkingstick,
Diapheromera arizonensis, a species reported solely from the state of Arizona on BugGuide.  Furthermore, we believe she is a female based on this nice series of close-up details posted to BugGuide.  There is also a nice image posted to pBase.

Female Arizona Walkingstick

Female Arizona Walkingstick

Thank you so very much for your research. You provide such a wonderful resource for the bug-curious. Again, thank you for your time and help!
Tiffany Johnson

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Yavapai County, Arizona

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