Subject: Desert Spider
Location: Borrego Springs, Calif.
November 1, 2015 3:15 pm
I took down a window screen to clean it and found this spider. Oct. 2015. There was only this one. No web, egg cases or anything else seen nearby. It was not aggressive and did not try very hard to get away. I turned it loose in the garden shed. Is it a juvenile tarantula or what? Thanks.
Signature: Don de los Encinos

Golden Huntsman Spider

Golden Huntsman Spider

Dear Don,
This ferocious looking, but harmless Giant Crab Spider is a Golden Huntsman Spider,
Olios giganteus, a species that is found in  “CA, AZ, NM, TX, UT, NV” according to BugGuide.

Location: Borrego Springs, California

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  1. Great photo! It looks like it was just chilling out and trying to say “hi.” 😀

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