Subject: Cychrus?
Location: Studley, Virginia
October 24, 2015 2:50 pm
Hi Bugman! Seriously, I love this website!
I saw this beetle outside, and it immediately caught my eye, because it looked different than most black beetles I see.
I looked it up, and the closest I can find is that it looks like it might be in the genus Cychrus.
What do you guys think?
Signature: Allie

Small Snail Eating Beetle

Small Snail Eating Beetle

Dear Allie,
Thanks so much for your effervescent praise.  We believe you have correctly identified this Small Snail Eating Beetle to the Tribe level of Cychrini, but the genus
Cychrus, according to BugGuide, is found in the Pacific Northwest.  Based on this BugGuide image and others posted there, we believe your beetle is in the genus Sphaeroderus, and there are six species in the genus found in your area of the country, according to BugGuide.

Location: Studley, Virginia

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  1. That One Snail Owner says:

    Gah! I didn’t expect you to reply so quickly!!! Thank you so much! I’ll probably hold onto the guy for a couple of days to observe. I think he’s pretty cute! Nice to know I was close!

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