Subject: what is this
Location: waco tx
October 12, 2015 6:45 pm
Don’t know what this bug is.. it’s in my house
Signature: what is it

Chalcid Wasp

Chalcid Wasp

There is not enough detail in your image for us to make a definite species identification, but the rear legs indicate that this is a Chalcidid, a parasitic wasp in the family Chalcididae.  It resembles this image from BugGuide of a member of the genus Conura.  Many members of the family pictured on BugGuide have the distinctive rear legs and this information is provided regarding diet:  “hosts: mostly Lepidoptera and Diptera, though a few attack Hymenoptera, Coleoptera or Neuroptera(1). Parasites of Lepidoptera usually attack young pupae, while those of Diptera attack mature larvae.”

Location: Waco, Texas

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