Subject: A Mystery Caterpillar
Location: Circle B Bar Reserve, FL
October 8, 2015 4:30 pm
Hello, and thank you for ID-ing that ground spider!
So today I have a caterpillar found in 10/20/13.
Signature: Cicada lover

Possibly Owlet Caterpillar

Possibly Owlet Caterpillar

Dear Cicada Lover,
This request has been on our back burner because we did some research but we were not successful in determining an identification.  This caterpillar really reminds us of a Hooded Owlet Moth Caterpillar from the genus
Cucullia, but we could not find any matching images on BugGuide.  We still believe it is a member of the Owlet Moth family Noctuidae.  Perhaps one of our readers will have more luck with an identification.

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Location: Circle B Bar Reserve, Florida

6 Responses to Unknown Moth Caterpillar

  1. Cicada Lover says:

    Hello, and thank you for trying to ID the caterpillar.
    So today I have been doing some more research on it and posted it on BugGuide and I have been talking to a person who is helping me further ID it as an Armyworm.
    We (mostly him) have not been able to determine what species of armyworm it is, but I just wanted to let you know where I have been getting with this “Intriguing Mystery Insect”.

    • bugman says:

      And the Armyworm is a Cutworm in the Owlet Moth family Noctuidae as we suspected. Please provide us with any updates if they arrive.

  2. Cicada Lover says:

    My guesses would be Spodoptera ornithogalli, S. latifascia, S. dolichos, or S. albula.
    Although like you said, I can’t find any supporting images on BugGuide either.

  3. Ricardo Mendez Matta says:

    I just found one feeding on a tomato plant, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We’ve seen many green hornworms before, but this is the first of this kind. According to, it is a Velvet Armyworm Moth (Spodoptera latifascia).

  4. Denise Suters says:

    I have one as well, identical to yours. Found on my small citrus tree this morning.

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