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Subject: Archduke Caterpillar from West Sumatra… Lexias pardalis ? Lexias dirtea ?
Location: West Sumatra – Indonesia
October 6, 2015 11:24 am
Dear Bugman,
I’m leaving in the forest in West Sumatra and i took this picture the last year. I suppose that it’s a Lexias pardalis or dirtea…. But the blue color is much more pronounced than in other pictures I found and that are usually taken in Thailand or Borneo. Is there somebody to confirm the identification of this Archduke Caterpillar ?
Thanks a lot for your help.
Kind regards
Signature: Nad Rimba

Archduke Caterpillar

Archduke Caterpillar

Dear Nad,
Your images are gorgeous and so is this Archduke Caterpillar, but alas, we haven’t the necessary skills to distinguish which member of the genus you encountered.  Perhaps one of our more qualified readers like Keith Wolfe can supply some information.

Archduke Caterpillar

Archduke Caterpillar

Keith Wolfe Responds
Greetings Nad and Daniel,
With four species of Lexias reported for the island of Sumatra, three of whose caterpillars are known, this is most likely L. dirtea or L. pardalis (https://www.facebook.com/groups/390324371076210/permalink/706691412772836/).  The blue color can be attributable to several reasons — camera settings, ambient lighting, larval maturity, or it actually being the fourth taxon, L. cyanipardus; however, here is a very similar bluish dirtea/pardalis cat from Thailand . . .
Best wishes,

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Sumatra, Indonesia

3 Responses to Archduke Caterpillar or related species from Sumatra

  1. Claire says:

    So beautiful

  2. Nad Rimba says:

    I read in the bibliography that there are only 3 species of Lexias in Sumatra : L. pardalis nephritica, L. dirtea montana et L. canescens civetta… maybe it can help to identify the one on the picture ?

  3. Marcelo Brito de Avellar says:

    I would like so much like there was this caterpillar here in Brazil. It is very beautiful!
    Hugs, Marcelo Brito – Juiz de Fora-MG – BRAZIL

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