Subject: Unidentified bugs
Location: Catskill, NY
September 28, 2015 3:26 am
On Sept 27, 2015, I photographed these two enjoying the after sun on my car door in Catskill, NY. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and so was I! Love to know what they are.
Signature: Ken Tannenbaum

Mating March Flies

Mating March Flies

Dear Ken,
These are mating March Flies in the family Bibionidae, and they exhibit sexual dimorphism in that the head of the male is larger to accommodate the larger eyes.  We believe we have correctly identified your March Flies as
Penthetria heteroptera thanks to images posted to BugGuide where it indicates they are active in the fall, distinguishing them from most March Flies that appear in the spring.

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Location: Catskill, New York

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