Subject: Unknown monster
Location: Laval, Quebec, Canada
September 27, 2015 4:59 pm
I found this insect, half dead, very close to the entry door of my workplace. I’ve shown the pictures around a bit, and everyone is curious to know what this could be. The Canadian $2 coin nearby is 28 mm large (1.1 inch).
Nobody has ever seen such a huge and monstrous bug like this around here. That would be great if you had any idea what this is!
Thanks for your help!
Signature: Maxime Joanis

Male Dobsonfly

Male Dobsonfly

Dear Maxime,
The male Dobsonfly pictured in your image is actually quite a common species found in much of eastern North America, but late September is rather late for a sighting.  Most of our sightings arrive in late spring and early summer.  Despite the enormous mandibles, the male Dobsonfly is perfectly harmless.

Thanks for the super quick answer! Sorry it was a common/boring one. I swear, nobody here has ever seen this thing!
In case you track sightings, it was not seen when I asked, but rather on July 10 (you can see the date in the picture’s metadata (not the file’s creation/modif dates)).
Made a small donation! 🙂 Great service! Thanks!

Location: Laval, Quebec, Canada

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  1. Saw one in Barrie Ontario in late August. Pretty cool bug.

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