Subject: Centipede brushing his hair
Location: South Carolina
September 25, 2015 7:18 pm
My wife was getting ready to go to bed. After changing clothes she reached for the hair brush. When she felt something tickle her hand, she looked down and screamed. She threw the brush and this not so small centipede against the mirror. When I came to see what was wrong, I found him hiding behind my can of shaving cream. Can you tell me what type he is? Also just so you know, I work on the catch and release program. Especially for the little critters that help me keep the other creepy crawlers out.
Signature: Ron

Bark Centipede

Bark Centipede

Dear Ron,
This is a Bark Centipede in the order Scolopendromorpha, and because of the fat terminal legs, we believe it is either in the family Scolopendridae or Plutoniumidae, based on images posted to BugGuide.  We do not feel confident with any more specific identification, however, due to your “catch and release program” we are tagging this posting with the Bug Humanitarian Award.

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Location: South Carolina

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  1. Joseph says:

    Are these venomous to humans sorry but I don’t really like spiders and or centipedes and anything that crawls around thanks in advanced I just moved to South Carolina and I have been finding them in my bathroom on occasionally

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