Subject: Small grasshopper like bug
Location: Hobart indiana
September 20, 2015 4:47 pm
These little guys like hanging out on my hibiscus leaves. I find them strange because they seem to shoot little droplets from there rear ends.
Signature: Mike

Candystriped Leafhoppers

Candystriped Leafhoppers

Dear Mike,
These Candystriped Leafhoppers,
Graphocephala coccinea, are not even closely related to Grasshoppers.  Leafhoppers are more closely related to Cicadas, and they are classified along with Aphids and True Bugs in the order Hemiptera, insects with mouths adapted to piercing and sucking fluids.  Like Aphids, they release honeydew, which is the widely used name for the droplets you observed.  Like many members of their order, Candystriped Leafhoppers are considered pest species in the garden.

Location: Hobart, Indiana

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