Subject: URGENT – Supposed Banana Spider?
Location: Fort Oglethorpe, GA
September 19, 2015 7:40 am
My friend decided to let this little (big) girl stay on her front porch. She runs a daycare out of her home. She calls it a banana spider but I want to know for certain. Especially because she just made an egg sac and it’s huge!!!!!!!! She’s about 2-3″ long and the sac is bigger than her. This is urgent because of the kids that run around her place.
please help!!!
Signature: thanks, Amy

Golden Orbweaver with Egg Sac

Golden Orbweaver with Egg Sac

Dear Amy,
This is not a Banana Spider, a common name often given to
Nephila clavipes.  This is a Golden Orbweaver, Argiope aurantia, and they are considered harmless, and though big individuals might bite, they are not aggressive and the bite would only cause local tenderness and swelling.  In our opinion, the Golden Orbweaver poses no threat to the children, and they can be taught about the marvels of nature through observation.

Location: Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

6 Responses to Golden Orbweaver with Egg Sac

  1. I love your advice to the one seeking info! Too many people are ignorant about these creatures and kill on sight, a lack of education or willingness to educate themselves is mostly to blame. I have an extreme phobia of spiders, but still educate myself about the various species I find outside my home. I do not kill outdoor spiders, that is their habit. Anything in my home might get whacked though. Good thing these beauties stay outside!

  2. Ill take a picture of it ; send it to RUTGERS FOR what kind it is , and send it on its way !!!!

  3. Beautiful spider! They are big this time is year and so much fun to watch.

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