What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Subject: Can you help identify this bug?
Location: Aiea, HI
September 19, 2015 1:55 pm
I’ve been getting bites and cannot figure out where I am getting them and what kind of bites they are. They are definitely not mosquito bites. I found this bug in my dryer…
Thank you so much!
Signature: Dina Nishioka

Ball of Lint

Ball of Lint

Dear Dina,
It appears you were bitten by a ball of lint.

That just made me laugh out loud!

We really couldn’t make out any identifiable insect in the ball of lint.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Aiea, Hawaii

26 Responses to Ball of Lint Bites Woman and Freedom of Speech on the Internet

  1. There seems to be some animal hair in that line. Cat? I’d check for fleas on the animal.

  2. I’m sorry, but…. hahahahahaahahaaa

  3. Actually I think I do see a tiny bug in the lint, but it would be pretty much impossible for anyone to identify it from that photo. Bites could be fleas or bedbugs or just an allergic rash of some kind.

  4. Chris N says:

    I have seen the same thing while cleaning for make readies on homes and apartments. And yes they move too. I find it disturbing that this woman has come to this site asking for people’s health and people are laughing at her it’s no laughing matter there shouldn’t be any dumb questions.

    It’s like this crazy parasite infection I’ve been fighting for 2 years and the doctors have no idea as to what to do or even detecting the damn thing.

    Yes I’ve seen this before Houston Texas

    • bugman says:

      The editorial staff of What’s That Bug? takes full responsibility for identifying the ball of lint, and the response on the actual posting that reads “That just made me laugh out loud.” was written by Dina, who wrote in with the initial identification request. There is clearly not much visible in the image but a ball of lint, and it is our opinion that you need to lighten up a bit when it comes to what we have chosen to post on our own site. You have also been given a platform on our site for the “crazy parasite infection” so that you and others with the same condition may share your own experiences. The editorial staff of What’s That Bug? remains the paying entity that has permitted that very platform to exist and you have no right to censor us. Also, while we are at it, mind your cussing language when you are commenting on our site, and you should also take better care and stop butchering the English language with poor grammar.

      • Angie Welch says:

        Oh now…. You are telling her to lighten up about what you post on your site. Which I agree to, by the way. However then you pick at her about her cussing & her grammar. I didn’t find her cussing offensive personally. I do, however, tend to cuss myself. I am quite fluent in cussing and can come up with things that noone else has heard of. So i guess I’m just saying to both parties involved…. lighten up. 🙂 make it a good day today. Also this has happened to me before…. it’s crazy!!!! and we have a dog so it could be fleas or ants…. We have those something terrible. Everyone have a great ~hopefully bug free~ day!!!

      • Holley says:

        It’s STILL true.. Face it OR not. The lady did come to YOUR site and really got called CRAZY. IM JUST A passer buyer.. . And in no way trying to belittle anyone. But I guess what I’m trying to say is..”Try and put yourself in the other person’s shoes, if they fit”…thx

    • Jessica marie says:

      Oh my god, these have been driving me crazy for 2 years. Exactly the same, Dr’s blow me off. But now they are on my 2 month old baby girl ‘s private parts, tied, cheek, and yummy. I am mortified with guilt. I have them from head to toe now. It’s insane. I wash one area and I turn around and 1 will be there and that’s all it takes .

      Please help!
      San Antonio, TX

    • Yolanda D Cox says:

      How do you get rid of it. I recently moved into a place 5 months ago n have came in contact with the same thing. My kids & I wake up with different areas bitten. People say we are crazy & hallucinating & I even lost my doctor because he thought I was on drugs. This has consumes & confined me to my home. I feel”it” or “them” on me all the time & my clothes.I have tried everything to buying bug spray to paying & exhausting my life savings of 78+ to multiple peat control services. Please help me

    • B little says:

      My daughter has the same problem,says all bug men make fun of her,said they get on fridge also,it’s tearing her apart,help

  5. Chris N says:

    I emailed my response directly. I meant no disrespect and was not censoring in any fashion. My respectful apologies.

  6. Lynn says:

    It’s moth larvae.

  7. Stacie says:

    I’ve been finding the fuzz ball things everywhere I bought a steamer to do my couch well I thought my kids had got some sticky something on it well I found a bunch of little bugs so I threw my couch out well let’s just say the whole living room anything cloth had to go I thought it was bird mits but i really don’t know I got rid of the bird also I’m still finding these fuzz ball white things and they get in your clothes and bit like crazy hell I think I’m going crazy my husband didn’t believe me for a whole week till he seen it with his own eyes and when you pull them out of your clothes a long string comes out first if you don’t brake the string a little black bug is on the end these things are taking over my house please help and when they nest it’s a sticky hard to get up or off anything and they make sticky webs also

    • MKW says:

      I am being tormented by the same things, and have videos of these bugs that are covered in long hai (what appears to be cotton or lint). They capture and eat other bugs by covering them in web like hairs. They live in or on cloth material and move from room to room. They have infected both myself and my animals.

  8. Alicia says:

    I have been dealing with something like this for the past 6 months and am reaching a breaking point. It started with pinprick bites by something you can’t see, but then I found they were inside my body, and the doctors don’t take the time to get to the bottom of it. Now everything I own is covered in these lint balls and I feel like these things are crawling all over me. My PC put me permethrin cream which just seemed to spread whatever this is then we tried Mebendazole and it almost goes away but comes right back because nobody has taken the time to find out what is feeding off of me, and the Dermatologist was a joke, he thinks I should see a shrink. I have a dog and a cat I believe I’m dealing with a cheyletiella mite, but have no idea how to get rid of them.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Omg i have whatever these are and tgey are inside me i thought parisite idk im going to hospital b7t dont jnow what to say what are they

  10. Samantha says:

    Check out Morgellons it is as crazy as they portray in order not to alarm the masses. I’ve never really been into judgemental remarks spoken offhand as they deeper affect is harmful to people, whether intended or not . words are powerful we need to build each other up with support, kindness, compassion and unconditional love no matter what. There’s enough crap going on we need more love!! Like she’s obviously reaching out for help and perhaps getting poopooed at every attempt to learn about her health. I believe “professionals” can look into this phenomenon and help not harmfelliw human beings. Unfortunately suicides have occurred when this is ignored. Its my hope you can treat your requests seriously as we are looking to you for a professional opinion not ridicule and meanness.

  11. Linty Lopez says:

    I’ve been dealing with this infestation for about 9mths. I’ve been to the doctors seeking treatment and in turn I get treated like I’m crazy… Automatically the doctor assumed that I was using meth because meth users feel like they have bugs. Well I will not deny or admit to the drug use, but not all meth users see or feel bugs and this infestation is real… So with that all being said, Instead of making irrelevant comments to this topic and troubling situation, can anyone shed some light as to how one might get rid of them..?

  12. Jennifer Williams says:

    Its been year or so for me SALT from table helps control itch or the “20 mule team” I put Nu-Stock it stops itch but then I saw blackmass grouping like the manage a dog would have! Now I can feel movement in hair on scalp and in ears! Please it also has some type of webbing or bio-film also it eats fabric I have shaved my head with relief did not kill them ! Demertoloist said I was a hair puller NOT I’m a hairdresser for the last 20 yrs have NEVER dealt with this before!

  13. Colleen Thomas says:

    After dealing with this problem for the last few years, reading everything I could find, collecting samples and buying a microscope to get a closer look at my opponent. I believe these bugs to be an unnamed and possibly unstudied mite and seem to pass between humans and there pets. I also believe they are transparent making it very hard to identify them but it can be done with alot of luck and just the right angle. I’m no bug expert but these things are real your not crazy. The things I have found that help with the itching are teatree oil & lavander oil mixed with bakeing soda and lemon juice. I’m not sure on the mesurements yet it’s a test run at the moment but of all the past thing’s I have tried after spraying it on my bed, carpet and the bug infested fluffy balls I had collected it seems to be having some impact although for how long I don’t know.

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