Subject: Bumble bee sized buzzing and fuzzy home invasion in Northern CA Bay Area
Location: Halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento on the I-80 corridor
September 17, 2015 3:17 pm
This bee-like bug came into our home in the early afternoon. We have orchards behind our home. He was fairly calm…not the typical frenetic bee like flying, but he had a very loud buzz. He seemed to hug the surfaces he landed upon and was attracted to light.
Signature: Mommy Susie

Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Male Valley Carpenter Bee

Dear Mommy Susie,
This is a harmless male Valley Carpenter Bee.  This is a species with extreme sexual dimorphism.  Males are golden and females are black, so the sexes appear like different species.  Females rarely sting and males are incapable of stinging.

Location: California

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