Subject:  Recent photos at our home
Location:  Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California
September 13, 2015
Sandy and Bettie

Black Witch

Black Witch

Dear Sandy and Bettie,
Your large moth is a Black Witch.  Native to Central and South America, Black Witch Moths have been reported to migrate north during Mexican monsoons every fall, and they have been known to reach as far north as the northern border states and even into Canada.  Your individual is a female, as evidenced by the light diagonal markings across the wings.  Though they are frequently found in Los Angeles, a Black Witch sighting is always an exciting event.

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Location: Mount Washington, Los Angeles, California

2 Responses to Black Witch in Mount Washington

  1. I love everything about these moths.

    • SJCarras says:

      :), me,too.. I saw one in August 2010 by Universal Studios Hollywood, in the La La Land area, underneath the 101 Freeway Bridge over Lankershim blvd.(or whatever runs by Universal Tour.,) Probaly a female in the case I had, as it was real large–spread over a crack on the side, vertically,e.g. one wing tip top (no pun!) one on bottom.

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