Subject: Need help with coleoptera i.d.
Location: southeastern Quebec
August 26, 2015 3:59 pm
Hello there,
We live on a wooded property in southeastern Quebec . We found this beautiful creature on the steps behind our house. He/she was dead, a bit flattened, so we presume one of us had inadvertently squished the poor thing.
Could you help us identify it ? Coleopteran of some sort, as far as I can determine. Thank you so much for your help.
Signature: Anke

Sugar Maple Borer

Sugar Maple Borer

Dear Anke,
Your beautiful beetle is a Sugar Maple Borer,
Glycobius speciosus, and according to BugGuide, they are considered “rare” and because of the bold markings “Appears to be a mimic of Yellowjackets.”

Thank you so much for the id. A very special discovery for us in the 30 years that my parents have lived on this property.

Location: Quebec, Canada

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  1. Is there an “accidental carnage” flag? ☺️

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