Subject: Robber fly?
Location: Harpers Ferry, WV
August 28, 2015 6:54 am
Came across this beauty while on my morning walk. I think it’s some sort of robber fly? He/she was quite large (the reason it caught my eye) and not interested in moving even when I brushed it with a blade of grass. It was early morning so maybe still sleepy? Anyway, I’d love to know what to call it the next time I see one.
Thanks so much!
Signature: Barb

Red Footed Cannibalfly

Red Footed Cannibalfly

Dear Barb,
Your Robber Fly looks like a Red Footed Cannibalfly,
Promachus rufipes, to us.  We generally get several identification requests for this magnificent predator each summer.

Location: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

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