Subject: Immature black bug with undeveloped wings
Location: Northridge, CA
August 18, 2015 9:11 pm
While working in the yard putting down mulch I came across this bug. We have a ton of Figeater Beetles, so I thought it might be an immature Figeater Beetle, but then noticed that it’s face is more like a carpenter bee. So in short I have no idea what this bug is 🙂
I live in Northridge, CA. It was hanging out in the bark mulch. It is currently summer and hot.
Thanks so much,
Signature: Angela

Female Valley Carpenter Bee with stunted wings

Female Valley Carpenter Bee with stunted wings

Dear Angela,
Our offices are near downtown Los Angeles and though we are probably ten degrees cooler than you are in Northridge, we too are suffering in the heat.  We commend you on your recognition, because this is a female Valley Carpenter Bee, but we are uncertain what is going on with her stunted wings.  We would like to think that she just completed metamorphosis and her wings eventually expanded, but we fear that some irregularity caused the stunting.  Perhaps she underwent some trauma that prevented the wings from fully developing.

Hi Daniel,
I just wanted to send a thank you! That was so great to learn. I also made a small donation to the site as a thank you. Always love going to the site to figure out who is living in my yard or house with me 😀

Location: Northridge, California

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