Subject: Identify this bug
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
August 17, 2015 1:12 pm
These bugs are in my pantry, what are they? How do i get rid of them?
Signature: Nicky Levy

Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal Moth

Dear Nicky,
This is an Indian Meal Moth, a common household pest that will infest a variety of stored grain products as well as spices and nuts.  Check the pantry and try to find the source of the infestation, which might be an old container of oatmeal or cornmeal.  If there is nothing in the pantry, check the bargain bag of pet food or bird seed.  The moths do not eat the grain products as adults.  Rather it is the larval form that does the damage.

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Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

3 Responses to Indian Meal Moth

  1. There are pantry moth traps you can buy. But first, follow these steps, and then use the traps to prevent any re infestation :

  2. No worries, I have dealt with these little buggers before!

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