Subject: Is this a mantisfly?
August 16, 2015 3:00 am
I found this bug in front of a farm house in southern germany in july. I had never seen such an insect before so i took the foto. It looks as if it is hevily injured which would explain that it stood still quite long.
It somehow looks like a mantisfly but all pictures of mantisflies occuring in Germany I could find look diffferent so I decided to ask you for help.
Thank you very much
Signature: Roland



Dear Roland,
Although it looks somewhat similar to a Mantisfly, your insect is a Snakefly that is classified in a completely different insect order, Raphidioptera.  According to BugGuide:  “Both larvae and adults are predatory, though they are capable of catching and killing only small and weak prey. Snakefly larvae feed on eggs and larvae of various insects, as well as adults of minute arthropods (e.g. mites, springtails, barklice, and homopterans). Adults typically prefer aphids but may eat a wide variety of arthropods.”

Location: Germany

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