Subject: unknown bug
Location: southern philippines
August 16, 2015 6:43 am
hi mr. bugman!
a friend of mine posted in his facebook page an image of a weird unidentified bug which looks like some kind of cockroach.
could you help identify what it is?
they found it somewhere in southern philippines.
i have attached an image of the bug. unfortunately only 1 picture was posted.
Signature: it doesn’t matter

Click Beetle, we believe

Click Beetle, we believe

This is most definitely NOT a Cockroach, but rather a beetle, and it bears a striking resemblance to this Click Beetle from Thailand we posted some time back that was identified as Oxynopterus mucronatus.  We believe it is either the same species or a closely related species.  This FlickR image indicates that Oxynopterus mucronatus is found in the Philippines.

Location: Philippines

7 Responses to Click Beetle from the Philippines: Oxynopterus mucronatus

  1. Malaysian Hercules beetle brentid beetle Eutrachelus 51cb temmincki Snout beetle Dynastes hercules Cyrtotrachelus dux Jewel scarab beetle Chrysina resplendens Click beetle Semiotus angulatus Malayan frog beetleSagra Jewel beetle . What does click beetle mean as a name of something?

    • bugman says:

      Click Beetle is the common name that applies to the family Elateridae.

    • Josh says:

      Because if the beetle starts to think that it was in harm, he starts to pop out his head and makes a click sound so, the name its self came from the clicking sound it makes as a defensive mechanism.

      • bugman says:

        Click Beetles that find themselves on their backs are able to snap the joint between the thorax and abdomen against the ground which springs the beetle up into the air so it can right itself, producing a loud click in the process. You can find an explanation and diagrams on Plos One.

  2. Lost Lizard says:

    My son just sent me an image of one from inside his house in the Sorsogon area of The Philippines. He, too, thought it was a big cockroach.

  3. Arlene Rose says:

    Hello i had this big briwn n long beetle on my desk. I picked it up and it played dead. The head had a clicking sound.

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