Subject: What is this bug?
Location: Delaware, USA
August 13, 2015 6:27 am
Would like to identify the bug in the attached photo. It was flying around a butterfly bush.
Signature: Pete

Snowberry Clearwing

Snowberry Clearwing

Dear Pete,
This is one of the diurnal Sphinx Moths in the genus
Hemaris, and we believe it is most likely the Snowberry Clearwing, Hemaris diffinis.    According to BugGuide, it can be differentiated from other members of the genus because:  “legs black; underside mostly black.”  The flower looks like an Agapanthus, erroneously called a Lily of the Nile as they are not lilies and they originate in South Africa.

Thank you for the information. The Snowberry Clearwing is about two inches in length. I’ve never observed a flying bug with those markings. And yes that is an Agapanthus which is next to my butterfly bush which the Snowberry Clearwing frequents as well. I was taking photos of a hummingbird when the SC appeared. I looked for it on your site and could not find it there. Do you have it listed? The photo was taken in Delaware.
Again, thank you for the information. I will try to capture additional photos for my collection of insect photos.

Location: Delaware

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