Subject: pink caterpillar w front spine dorsal chevron
Location: 49°08’58.11″ N 123°10’26.48″ W
August 11, 2015 4:47 pm
My wife found this walking on paving in our back yard in Vancouver, British Columbia. May have arrived on new plants brought from nursery. We have looked at every single caterpillar pic on the web (feels like) but have failed to see anything even close. It doesn’t want to eat or spin a cocoon, but we’re hoping it will pupate so that we can see what emerges. But in case it doesn’t, we’re hoping you can tell us what it is.
30mm long (sorry for not including scale in photo)
Signature: Pierre van Aswegen

Prominent Moth Caterpillar

Prominent Moth Caterpillar

Good Morning Pierre,
This is a Prominent Moth Caterpillar in the family Notodontidae, probably in the subfamily Heterocampinae.  We have not had a chance to do a more thorough search for its species identity, but we are posting the image in the meanwhile.  Many caterpillars turn pink just prior to pupation, and the color is not necessarily diagnostic.  See BugGuide for possibly genera in the subfamily.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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