Subject: ID. needed
Location: la California
August 11, 2015 6:14 pm
I’m not from the area that this was found so I have no idea what it is. This was found walking across a parking lot in Los Angeles California. Thanks
Signature: no tech

Mating Walkingsticks

Mating Walkingsticks

Dear no tech,
Is this a hoax?  Did you take this image while visiting Los Angeles?  You indicated you are not from the area where it was found and the WTB? form you submitted the image with contains the language:  “you swear that you either took the photo(s) yourself or have explicit permission from the photographer or copyright holder to use the image.”  The digital file you attached begins with the letters “fb” which leads us to believe they have been pilfered from FaceBook.  These are mating Walkingsticks and we believe they are Striped Walkingsticks or Muskmares in the family Pseudophasmatidae.  To the best of our knowledge, and according to BugGuide, the range of the family in North America is the Southeast, and the furthest western reports are from Texas.  With that said, we can come up with several explanations.  This might be a hoax, or it might be a mistake.  We suppose it is possible that Striped Walkingsticks may have been imported into California through individuals or through the exotic insect trade, and that they were either released or escaped.  If that is the case, and this mating pair is in the wild, Southern California may soon have another Invasive Exotic species with which to contend.  According to BugGuide:  “Members of this genus can deliver a chemical spray to the eyes that can cause corneal damage.”  

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Location: Los Angeles, California

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  1. No tech says:

    No this is not a hoax. My friend actually took the picture and forwarded it to me via fb. This was in LA. I’m from PA. I’m use to seeing walking sticks but none of our walking sticks look anything like that. Thank you.

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