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Subject: Parasites
Location: Everywhere
August 9, 2015 12:03 pm
There are black or white things that burrow into me. They are microscopic when they hatch and I have seen white ones 3″-4″ long, looking like dried spaghetti and a black one 6″ long and fuzzy, looking like a black fuzzy pencil. I have seen them all over the U.S. . They have been in me for two years and I feel them moving throughout my body. My area to pee and poo are so swollen that it takes me 5 min. To fully pee and I can not go poo unless I take a a lot of thing to keep it moving and then it comes out in poo the diameter of my thumb.
There is something else hurting me. It is airborne and when adult it looks like the tiniest cream colored ball ,fuzzy you have ever seen.
We are spreading the airborne ones every where we go. 16 hotels, 8 family members homes, numerous people that came through our house before we sold it in Texas. Now I am in Ohio and staying with my sister in law who has both parasites in her house. My sister in Texas has the stinging ones and both of her arms veins have collapsed . My hands look green sometimes and the shin dries everywhere they go in .
My hands feel things moving all the time as do my chest and legs and arms. Please try to find out what they are. My sister Dr. In TX told me they were in Africa. He told me when my heart can’t pump anymore because of the parasites, I will drop dead! I feel this will happen soon. Please help me as I am running out of places to go that won’t sting me and Every restaurant has them in the dinning area or in the kitchen. So many will die from these. What are they?
Signature: Terry Rose



Dear Terry,
We empathize with your situation, but we haven’t the necessary skills to assist you with your problem.  We cannot find any evidence in the images you have provided, but we are posting them with your request in the hopes that one of our readers may provide some assistance.  We do have a robust network of readers who comment on our Unknown Parasite posting and you may be able to gain some valuable information there.



Thank you for trying.  Before I die I would just like people to know.  These things are dangerous.  Terry Rose

You should visit our site for the posting Terry.  There are some cruel comments, but there are also some compassionate and helpful comments.



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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: OHio

31 Responses to Parasites

  1. This is really, clearly, delusional parasitosis

    • Sharon Bradshaw says:

      No it isn’t. I know this post is old. But I want to answer for new people desperately looking for help. U r NOT DELUSIONAL.
      Know knows exactly what these bugs are. They do seem OFTEN to be related to mold too. Also read about morgellons.ur not crazy.

  2. Troll post. Yet I can’t get my spider identified.

  3. I do find it strange that they even posted this.

  4. Poor thing… if this is real it must be terrible, even if it is delusion. I hope it actually is just a troll post.

  5. I find myself hoping it’s a troll and not some poor delusional person. 🙁

  6. This is so weird. Must be mental illness yes?

  7. Jacquelyn says:

    As an owner of a pest control company for human parasites I hear this story far too often. The person telling the story on the other end of line truly believes they have something living all over them. It is hard to say if they do or don’t. I do not see anythi g in the pictures.

  8. What the? Yes, this person needs to see a therapist if they’re not just trolling.

  9. It’s like that movie Bug. This person needs too get help as soon as possible

  10. Juliet says:

    May be some references on here that could help. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delusional_parasitosis

  11. Curious Girl says:

    I am really disappointed in the comments. The standard reply to those not going through the same thing is that the person must be delusional. Back when, they had the Salem Witch Trials which is now finally pegged to Ergot poisoning on the Rye for making the bread.

    Used to be we thought the noises we didn’t understand were ghosts too.

    Anyway, I came here to suggest Paul Chek who seems to be an expert on parasite infections. Fortunately I do not have to deal with it, so I don’t know how effective he is but allopathic docs are as dismissive as most of the commenters here. Forgive them because denial is one way they feel safe in a world they do not fully understand themselves and which scares them that they might end up in the same place.


  12. KME says:

    I know this is an old thread, but for anyone reading it now who is searching for help, the OP is probably NOT delusional. She is/was suffering from something that eludes identification from even the most qualified to do so. The only ‘delusional’ people in situations like these are the inept doctors who refuse to even look at any samples under magnification, or collect a skin scrapping and send it off to a qualified lab. They are deluded in that they refuse to see the reality that the patient is indeed suffering from SOMETHING that is not purely psychological (a very very rare phenomenon, by the way).

  13. bollie ticks says:

    It is a bit rare..but I have just added my question …and I have felt what Terry is writing…I also feel that the Bugs I have…simply comes out of my body….Stings like needles…and in swarming they attack !!! I have though, added picture of this little bugger….so MAYBE ´you guys should not be joking around…the fact IS…there IS in fact 100 species of Ticks and Termites that DOES lives and lay eggs under your skin…they are SO SMALL but their bites are like a needle…and many haven’t even figured out yet HOW to DEAL nor to Cure not to prevent….´Last year there was about 100 cases of people DYING from a little Bug that is still unknown…but eat the body slowly from inside….and when nearby other persons….you feel that they come out of your body or clothing in swarms, attacking others around You !!! I will have to say….I DO UNDERSTAND WHAT TERRY IS TALKING ABOUT !!! SINCE THEY ARE FOR REAL !!!! AND ABOUT 100 Died last year from this little creature !!! And to be honest, I have a sort of the same Bug…but have actually been able to TAKE PHOTOS in A VERY UP-CLOSE RESOLUTION !!!! As we know of today, is that these Species DO EXIST but only a very few, are indeed registered .

    • Sharon Bradshaw says:

      I would love it if u could send me the pics u took of thrbugs. I see so many people say they can’t figure out how to send pics to this site. It’s a GREAT SITE!
      To the admin peeps, Thank you for letting the people that are suffering with this, a place to post and learn from others that have this, that they are not crazy and are not alone

      • Lacie says:

        If I had an email for you Sharon Bradshaw, I would gladly send pics and videos . However I see no such way to contact you.
        Thank you for your kind comments.

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