Subject: local name and scientific name
Location: Modasa,Gujarat,India
August 7, 2015 4:58 am
Respected Sir,
I have taken this pic at my home but i didn’t recognize this moth so pls help me
Signature: manthan mehta

Sandalwood Defoliator

Sandalwood Defoliator

Dear Manthan,
This is a diurnal Tiger Moth in the subfamily Arctiinae, a group that has undergone considerable reclassification in recent years.  We found a matching image posted to India Nature Watch that is identified as
Amata passalis, the Sandal Defoliator.  India Biodiversity calls the species a Wasp Moth, which is a more general name for a group that is similarly classified.  iNaturalist classifies the species in the tribe Syntomini, a group collectively called the Wasp Moths or Handmaiden Moths.  ResearchGate has a technical paper where the species is called the Sandalwood Defoliator.  So the scientific name is Amata passalis, and potential common names in order of increasing specificity are Tiger Moth, Wasp Moth or Handmaiden Moth, and the common species name is the Sandalwood Defoliator.  There may be a more local name in your area.

Location: Modasa, Gujarat, India

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