Subject: Termite or something else?
Location: Northern Iowa
July 30, 2015 6:48 am
I have found many of these bugs inside the house over the past week. We just moved into the house a few weeks ago. We live in northern Iowa in a town where apparently there are no termites… But these bugs look exactly like termites. I have researched online and cannot find any other bug it resembles.
Signature: K.P.



Dear K.P.,
Thanks to this image on BugGuide, we believe we have correctly identified your Stonefly as a member of the genus
Perlesta.  Stoneflies have aquatic nymphs, so we are guessing you live near some body of water.  Like other aquatic insects, Stoneflies frequently are part of a mass emergence of 1000s of individuals, and some species may be attracted to lights, which is why you are currently finding them in the home.  The emergence will not last long and you will probably have them vanish in the near future.  Though this may be a temporary nuisance, Stonefly larvae cannot live in polluted waters, so you can be comforted that your local water supply is clean.

Location: Iowa

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