Subject: Found this bug on my daughter’s forehead
Location: Okc ok
July 28, 2015 10:23 pm
Dear bug man please help me figure out what kind of bug this is I found on my daughters forehead on her hairline
Signature: Suzy worried mom

Human Louse

Human Louse

Dear Suzy worried mom,
You have legitimate cause for concern.  This is a Human Louse and we strongly recommend that you initiate treatment immediately.  You can get over the counter remedies from your local pharmacy.  You should also check family members as Lice can spread.

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Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

7 Responses to Human Louse

  1. You need to stop freaking out over these things, seriously.

  2. If a family has lice, that might be an option. But it could seem a bit extreme. They can get bad quick. The term lousy, as in “that lousy so n so” exists because how bad head lice was and how easily it could spread The first half of last century in America, it was a major concern, and can still be if not caught in time, worst case scenario

  3. Not a big deal. There are companies that you can pay about $75 to remove it from your head. Well worth it. Check your local area for one of these. It does NOT mean you’re unclean, and they are NOT dangerous or deadly. They’re just gross and give you that freaky feeling.

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